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Bowling Trophy Shadowbox

Not for sale

Customer brought in several trophies and metals to be shadowboxed. While the design is simple, a blue core black mat brings visual interest against the red and gold of the trophies. No adhesive was used in this project to mount any of the awards.Patch was hand sewn onto the top black mat. Finished with a simple black frame.


"Love in the Time of Covid-19"

Not for sale

Customer brought in their masks from their wedding and decided to shadowbox them. They are floated on a pale champagne silk mat with matching side walls. The masks are hand sewn in several places onto the mat and features a custom plaque on the bottom. A silver fillet was also added to dress up the simple black frame to give it a wedding feel.


"Pair in the Arbor"


Print of two birds on a tree branch by artist Marty Bell. A decorative silver frame compliments the soft tones in the print while still providing visual interest.


PGA Championship Flag

For sale: $500 - 29 1/4"x23"

White PGA golfing flag hand sewn onto a grass-textured mat. LIfted above it is a golfball-textured mat with another layer of the grass on top. A copper frame compliments the green in the flag nicely.


Woman Laying with Pets Print

For sale: $55 - 7"x7"

Print of woman laying with her pets with a matching teal rounded frame.


Dragon on Paper-Gold and Black Ink

For sale: $75 - 6 1/2"x6 1/2"

Original artwork by local artist Kassandra Spronk. Features an ink drawing of a dragon with gold accents. Floated on a black mat with a delicate gold ornate frame.


Framing Comic

For sale: $200 - 16"x13 3/4"

Two framing-themed comic strips together with an orange bottom mat and a orange-core black mat on top. A unique dark brown textured frame finishes the piece.


"Spooning" Block Print

For sale: $137 - 13 1/2"x16 1/2"

Block print by Martha Hinson. Print of spoons in pitcher with double mat (blue on bottom, white on top) with rounded corners to match the plate mark. Surrounded by an ornate gold frame.


"Afternoon Snow" Print

For sale: $525 - 41"x26"

John Furches print of a snowy afternoon scene with an off-white mat and a black frame with a warm silver accent


Military Shadowbox

Not for sale

Military metals mounted onto a red background. Mat cut in middle displays a document with a soft green top mat. Finished with a black frame with a gold fillet.


White Star Print

For sale: $336 - 12 1/2"x22 3/4"

White Star print with an art nouveau style mat cut and a shimmer bottom mat. Has a suede mat on top with an ornate gold frame.


Small NFL Helmets

For sale: $267.73 - 16 1/4"x16 1/4" 

Small football helmets float mounted onto a red mat. Shadowboxed with thin silver frame.


Yellowstone Canyon Etching

For sale: $275 - 14"x12"

 Yellowstone canyon etching with a gray fabric mat that features a v-groove 1/2" away from the mat opening. Finished with a classical style antique silver frame.


Child's Silk Shirt

For sale: $350 - 12 3/4"x15"

Shadowbox lined with red suede matboard and hand sewed onto black silk with cotton thread.


Van Gogh Study- Canvas

Not for sale

Van Gogh study painted on canvas. Put into a simple wood frame to keep the attention on the bright colors within the piece. The light wood brings out the soft tones in the grass and makes the reds and blues seem more vibrant.


"The Invisible Man" Tiny Movie Poster

For sale: $40 - 6 1/4"x8"

Small movie poster print based on the movie, "The invisible man". A red bottom mat highlights the hints of red through the piece and provides visual contrast against the greens. The black mat on top matches the dark feel of the piece and transitions seamlessly into the frame.


Pine Forest Print


Print of colorful abstract trees with a gold fillet and white mat. The gold beading on the frame mimics the knots on the trees and matches the warm tones throughout the art. 


Colorful Kiwi's Original Painting

 5 3/8"x9 1/4"  SOLD

Original watercolor gouache artwork by local artist Heather Everhart. Artwork is painted on wood panel and fnished with a textured white frame.


"Strawberry Pie" Block Print

For sale: $230 - 15"x14"

Strawberry block print by Martha Hinson with a triple mat; red on the bottom, green in the middle, and off-white on the top to match the paper color. Finished with a soft ivory textured frame.

Heirloom Pocket Watch with B&W Photo

Not for sale

Pocket watch is mounted to a medium gray mat with window cut and gold fillet. A deep gold frame brings out the color of the watch.


"Flowers" Print

For sale: $218 - 17 1/4"x15"

Antique print of a flowers by Scott Fitzgerald on paper. Triple matted and finished with a bronze-gold frame with filigree detail.


"Peace" Print

For sale: $350 - 18 1/4"x15 1/4"

Print of oil painting "Peace" by Larry Dyke. Framed with a double stacked ornate copper frame. 


Meerschaum Pipe

For sale: $500 - 18 1/2" x 18 1/2"

Vintage meerschaum pipe mounted to black mat with a red v-groove. A silver fillet is attached to the opening of an off-white linen liner and in a large ornate frame.


Military Metal Shadowbox

Not for sale

Many metals hand-sewn onto a deep blue fabric mat surrounding antique photos. Framed with a gold frame with beading.


NCSU Diploma

Not for sale

NCSU diploma with a triple mat; official NC state red with black core on the bottom, silver mat with black core in the middle, and a black mat with a black core on top. Finished with a sleek silver frame.


Llama Figure 

Not for sale

Llama figure in a mountain environment made from different textured matboards and shadowboxed. Sewn down onto the green mat. Uses a deep ornate gold frame.


Carolina Hurricane's Photo and Puck

For sale: $450 - 21 1/4"x14"

Photo of the Carolina Hurricanes with a puck featuring a double mat with a silver frame.


"Raspberry Jam" Print

For sale:$275 - 12 1/2"x13 3/4" 

Print of raspberries by Barbie Tidwell. It has a gold fillet attached to a red silk mat and a gold frame with a decorative leaf pattern.


Llama Original Watercolor


Original watercolor of a llama by local artist Nix. A soft purple bottom mat brings out the shadow tones while the bright white top mat gives the art visual breathing space. The playful textured yellow frame brings your eyes to the highlights and compliments the purple.


Red Cardinal Print

Not for sale

Print of a red cardinal bird on a tree branch. The textured wood frame matches the texture behind the bird to retain focus on the subject.


Angel Print

For sale: $100 - 9 1/2"x11 1/2" 

 Print of an angel with a gold bottom mat and a warm white top mat. The gold on the frame highlights the clothing and helps to bring your attention to the center of the piece. 


Flower Printed on Tile

For sale: 15 1/2"x11 1/4" -$250

Two tiles joined together to create the image of a white flower. A wide frame with inner gold detail give this piece a very dynamic look.


Castle by the Sea-Watercolor on Paper

For sale: $75 - 8 3/4"x8 3/4"

Original watercolor on paper by local artist Nix. Painting is on watercolor paper and has iridescent highlights. A large, soft black ornate frame creates an eye-catching product.


Military Metals Shadowbox

Not for sale

Each metal is hand sewn onto an olive green fabric mat with matching side walls. The brassy gold of the frame brings out the gold of the metals.


Japanese Paper Art

For sale: $275 - 15 3/4"x12 3/4"

This Japanese paper art is floating on a black mat and is surrounded by a uniquely cut top mat with gold accents. Finished in a frame with dragon details.


Dega Ballerina Study- Pastel

For sale: $325 - 14"x14"

Dega ballerina study by Mark Luczak; pastel on paper. Mat has foamboard lift underneath with a gold bottom mat and an off-white top mat. A light gray natural wood frame with bevel surrounds it.


Signed Playbill

Not for sale

Signed playbill featuring a dramatic silver beaded frame 

Abstract Print

For sale: $713 - 41"x41"

Abstract print with gold accents in silver frame. A simple frame keeps the attention on the art.


Antique Key

Not for sale

Antique key sewn onto a brown suede mat. A unique mat cut reveals a textured gold underneath. Finished with a wooden frame with gold details.


Trees painted on canvas

For sale: $150 - 11"x11"

Abstract trees painted onto canvas; mounted into a floater frame that is white washed wood on the inside and silver on the face.


Wedding Invitation

Not for sale

Invitation lifted on a green suede mat with embossed designs around it. Includes glass spacers and surrounded by an decorative antique silver frame.


Antique Silver Broach

For sale: $475 - 13"x14" 

Silver broach floating on a black background with a suede green top mat. A silver fillet is attached to the opening to parallel the silver of the broach and the frame. 

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